Sarah O'Leary


DIY / Eucalyptus Crown

This pretty crown is perfect for spring. Make them for party guests, photo shoots, or just for fun! 



white flowers (any variety)

floral wire

floral tape 



Cut one pieces of floral wire, each one long enough to wrap around the crown of your head three times. Fold the wire in half, then twist the two sides around each other. Next, form the wire into an oval shape to be the base of your crown. Twist the two ends of the wire around each other to close the circle.

Cut the eucalyptus into pieces, leaving three of four leaves on each section. Using the floral tape, attach the eucalyptus pieces to the wire. Leave space intermittently to attach the white flowers. 

Now, fill in the gaps with the white flowers. Make sure the flowers are secure by pressing the floral tape firmly. If any areas seem unstable, use floral wire to provide extra reenforcement. 

Try on your crown and make any final changes. Store your crown in the fridge to preserve before use and enjoy!

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