Sarah O'Leary


DIY / Painted Terra Cotta Pots

Succulents and plants add so much life and energy to your home. In this fun DIY, we painted little terra cotta pots and planted succulents.  We hope you enjoy!


 terra cotta pots

acrylic paint


cactus potting soil

succulent plants



Gather all of your supplies. As you are selecting your paint colors, choose colors that will look good in a group. They don’t all need to match, but should create an overall cohesive look.

Now the fun part–painting the pots! If you like, you can sketch out the designs with a pencil before starting to paint. Experiment with designs such as skinny and narrow stripes, polka dots, and triangles. Don’t be afraid to leave unpainted areas and use the terra cotta material as part of your design. Have fun and don’t worry about making it look perfect!

Let your pots dry and then plant your succulents. Be sure to use soil especially for cacti and succulents. Once the succulents are planted, lightly water them and place in an area where they will get plenty of sun. Make sure you read the specific instructions for caring for your succulent variety. 

DIYSarah O'Leary